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Action Steps

Taking action doesn’t have to mean moving mountains.   If you live in Lake Crystal area, you are likely within the Lake Crystal Watershed.  That means that taking action is simple!

1. Install a rain barrel      Using a rain barrel reduces the amount of run-off that makes its way to our lakes.   It conserves water and reduces your water bill. 

2. Plant a rain Garden      A rain garden is a shallow depression filled with flood-tolerant shrubs, flowers and grasses. They are a beautiful way to protect and enhance your yard and our lake.   Find out how here from the University of Minnesota Extension office.

3. Restore your shoreline     Adding native plants to the shoreline reduces erosion, prevents nutrients from flowing into the lake and provides habitat for wildlife. A natural shoreline is also a beautiful addition to your landscape. 

4. Consider using cover crops, minimum tillage or other farming Best Management Practices.

5. Reduce the use of fertilizers on fields and lawns.

6. Use minimal amounts of salt when de-icing     The salt you put on your sidewalk and driveway washes into the storm sewers, where it makes its way to the lakes. Salt stays in the water permanently.

 7. Keep storm drains clean     The organic debris in storm grates contributes to algae growth in our lakes. 

8.  Make a contribution      Check out our timeline to see the many ways in which donations have been put to work. 

9. Spread the word!     Cleaning up our lakes may seem like an overwhelming task, but one of the easiest and most effective ways is to tell your story!  Did you grow up in Lake Crystal?   Ever have a fun day of fishing with a family member or friend?   Share your story with us and those in the community.   Let others know that the lake and our community is important to you.


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