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Adopt-A-Drain Program

Storm Water System

Storm water drains are an invaluable part of city services that many of us take for granted. The system is an efficient way to clear  water from the streets of Lake Crystal after a rain or snow event. In addition to water, however, the drains also collect garbage, chemicals, organic debris and silt. All of the storm drains in Lake Crystal eventually lead to a lake.

A study in Madison, WI found that leaves making their way to the lakes are a “are a significant source of phosphorous in the fall. And carefully timed removal of those leaves…can generate significant reductions.”

To combat this problem, the Crystal Waters Project has partnered with the City of Lake Crystal to sponsor the “Adopt-a-Drain Program”.

What does adoption involve?

  • Checking the drain periodically and removing debris.
  • Sweeping up leaves and grass found near the drain. 
  • Recording the type and amount of debris removed. 

Get started!

  • Go to
  • Create an account.
  • Type in your home address.
  • Select a drain to adopt.
  • Give the drain a nickname.
  • Record the type of debris you remove, how much you collected and approximately how long it took you to complete the task.
  • Separate and properly dispose of the waste.
  • Tell friends and neighbors about the program!

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