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Friends In Agriculture

How does agriculture effect our watershed?


Too many people get the wrong impression about the relationship between clean rivers and lakes and agriculture.   While there is a correlation between  pesticide and fertilizer application and lower water quality, that doesn’t mean that someone is doing something wrong or immoral.  The truth is that, if we want farmers in our community (who are are neighbors and friends after all)  to be able to succeed, they have to be able to run their businesses competitively.

Some of the same people who would complain about a farmer using nitrogen and phosphorous near our waterways would be the same people who would complain if their produce went up even a few pennies.   In today’s agriculture,use of these types of chemicals is common practice.  Alternatives are out there, but can be expensive or take years to establish.   But there are ways to minimize the effects on our watersheds.

Farmers are finding new and innovative ways to help our rivers and lakes.   Check out the articles below.

Corn and Soybean Digest

Farmer-led watershed groups offer water quality collaboration

 American Farmland Trust

Minnesota Department of Agriculture Best Management Practices

Public Radio Article: Farmers Tackling Climate Change Concerns – Also Benefits Watershed.

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