Lakeshore Owners

Those of us who are lakeshore owners can have a direct and dramatic impact on our lakes. Erosion is one of the biggest concerns for the health of the lake and also a major concern for property owners.   Consider the videos below and Take Action in the way or ways with which you’re most comfortable.  Lakeshore owners receive the greatest benefits from a clean lake so let’s take the greatest responsibility.

  1. Restore Your Shore with Native Plants.
    Native plants and the roots that ground them are excellent filters for runoff and shore water.
  2. Stabilize your shore with Erosion Control Fabric
    Erosion control fabric helps keep your shoreline in place and provides an excellent short term anchor for plants to take root.
  3. Install a Soil Wrap Slope Break
    A Soil Wrap combines the benefits of fabric and native plants for a one-two punch of effectiveness.
  4. Restore Your Shore with Coir Logs
    Coir Logs are more sturdy and longer term than erosion control fabric and can work below the water line to provide a good anchor for plants to take root.
  5. Stabilize Your Shoreline with Live Fascines
    When a more engineered solution is needed to control erosion a live fascine can make a stable and dramatic impact and protect your property.

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