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Removal of Sediment Delta in Crystal Lake

County Ditch 56 drains a large agricultural area south of Lake Crystal. The mouth of the ditch is just north of the bridge on Humphrey Street. Over time, top soil and sand carried by the “creek” created a large delta in the lake.

In November of  2023 the silt removal was begun. ISG oversaw the project, providing a survey, engineering, assistance with permitting and consultations. Holtmeier Construction did the actual removal. 

By the time the project was finished in January of 2023, 190 truckloads of silt (about 2,500 cubic yards) had been removed. This rich material was spread over a farm field at the south of town. 

 The project was paid for by Blue Earth County, the City of Lake Crystal, Crystal Wasters Project and County Ditch 56 agricultural land owners.

*Photos courtesy of ISG and Gina Cooper