Score Your Shore

Boats and volunteers needed for Score Your Shore Event June 27th.

CWP, in cooperation with the Minnesota DNR, is undertaMN-DNRking an ambitious project to score the shores of our lakes.  Scoring the shore provides an objective measure of how well the lake’s shoreline is capable of reducing nitrogen and phosphorous loads, reducing erosion, and supporting beneficial wildlife.

Scoring consists of taking on site observations and photos 1 of the scoring zonesshoreline, then reviewing that data against standards established by the Minnesota DNR.   These observations consist of the upland (the yard near the lake), the shoreline (the area directly adjacent to the water),  and a small are of the water  as well.   

Boats are needed to take volunteers to the shores around the lake at designated locations, photograph the shore line, and record what photos were taken where.

Volunteers on the shore will score the photos against criteria provided by the DNR.    You can check out the quick guide here:

Score Your Shore Quick Guide

Volunteers will be using maps provided by Blue Earth County to know where the shores are.   Individual scores will be provided to property owners, but CWP will use the data in the aggregate – and not individually – to help promote shore restoration around the lake.  




Even if you’re just thinking “I am interested in volunteering!” <- Please follow the link, or contact us at

1) It’s important to note that – as much as possible – volunteers will NOT be taking photos of homes!  Should you wish to have your home omitted from on-site observations, we will certainly respect your wishes.  Please contact us at and CWP will use the maps and photos on file with the county used for tax assessment purposes.  These may be less accurate and in some cases outdated, but they are publicly available records.  thank-you-clipart-small

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