Volunteer Opportunities

There is a gift waiting for CWP and we need your help! A donor has committed $2,500 towards a 2017 lakeshore restoration project at Robinson Park. CWP will match the funds to restore the abandoned beach area with native plants. The City has also committed $2,500 to the project. What is needed now are volunteers to maintain the gardens. Training will be provided, and groups will be working about two hours per summer. Contact Mike Roll or Gina Cooper  if you would like to volunteer to work as an individual or as part of a group. 

CWP is also seeking volunteers to serve as caretakers of our two rain gardens. One is located at Robinson Park and the other is at City Hall.  If you are willing to pull weeds 2-4 times per year, please contact Mike Roll, 507-380-1794 by email, mike@rhenryconstruction.com.

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