Adopt-A-Drain Program

Storm  Water System

image014Storm water drains are an invaluable part of our city services that many of us take for granted. The system is an efficient way to clear the water from the streets of Lake Crystal after a rain or snow event. In addition to water, however, the drains also collect garbage, chemicals and silt.

A study in Madison, WI found that leaves making their way to the lakes are a “are a significant source of phosphorous in the fall. And carefully timed removal of those leaves…can generate significant reductions.”

The Crystal Waters Project has developed a plan that has been found useful in communities across the country which will reduce the chemicals and nutrients that diminish the health of our lake. It’s called “Adopt-a-Drain” and your help is needed to make it work!

What Does Adoption Mean

All of the storm drains in Lake Crystal eventually lead to a lake. They may go first to a detention pond or creek, but all of the storm water collected ends up in a lake.  To Adopt-a-Drain, all you need to do is let the Crystal Waters Project know that you’d like to help. Once you’ve adopted “your” drain, it will be painted blue and a black water droplet will be painted on it to signify that someone will be taking care of it.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to send your drain off to an expensive college.  By adopting a drain, you’re saying:

  • I’m willing to check the drain at least once a week to ensure that the drain is free of debris and vegetation.
  • I’m willing to report significant damage or drains that appear to have become unsafe.
  • I’m willing to sweep up garbage and leaves from the areas around the drain to ensure that these materials stay out of the lake.
  • I will speak up and report unlawful dumping of sewer waste or chemicals into the drain.


What’s in it for you?

You will help keep neighborhood streets free from flooding caused by clogged drains. And keeping organic debris out of the system reduces the amount of phosphorus in the lakes.

Email us at if you would like to adopt-a-drain or find out more information.



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