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GreenStep Cities

Lake Crystal, Minnesota is now a GreenStep City.  Here is a link to find out more about best practices and additional resources.

Minnesota GreenStep Cities

Rain Gardens

Planting rain gardens are beautiful ways to reduce the amount of chemical-laden runoff from rain water. Learn more from this MPR article. 

This information about rain gardens is from the University of Minnesota Extension Service.

This short video will show you the steps to planting your own rain garden.

Recycling Organics

Lake Crystal is also a part of a Zero Waste grant that encourages recycling organics. Recycling organics significantly reduces the amount of trash generated.  Here’s a link to finding out more about free composting in Lake Crystal, North Mankato and Mankato.

Reduce your use of plastics

This article discusses the effects that the use of plastics have on the environment, particularly the earth’s waters. It also provides some suggestions for how to reduce YOUR use of plastics. In addition, the link has Jeff Bridges narrating an informative video.

8 Bits of Plastic You Can Quit Right Now

This stack of straws gathered during a 20-minute snorkel off Manly, Australia (Image via

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